TechSnips is Now a Community Platform

When I started TechSnips just eight months ago, I had originally intended to recruit contributors, help them get their short videos on and sell subscriptions. This didn’t turn out like I had originally intended at all. Time to pivot!

We’re now no longer just snips, but we now have a snip and a growing course program that I’m really excited about. Unlike snips, our course program is helping us grow financially which allows me to make this announcement.

Relaxing the Snip Contract

For many years, I’ve been heavily involved with a technical community; the Microsoft community to be specific. I’ve been a Microsoft MVP for five years now and have thoroughly enjoyed both getting to know other people and more importantly helping so many professionals in the careers.

With that being said, as of yesterday, when a new TechSnips contributor joined us, they were required to sign a contract stating that they were not allowed to host their snips on any other platform. They were allowed to link to their videos but under no circumstances were they allowed to take the actual edited video that’s hosted on and make copies of it.

This contract was based on our old business model and was already outdated. That era is over.

As of today, I’m announcing that all TechSnips contributors are free to do with their snips whatever they please. Every TechSnips contributor now is granted a non-exclusive, perpetual license on every snip they produce through our publishing platform granting them to use their snips wherever and however they want granted they don’t modify the video.

Also, to prevent any conflicts with moonlighting policies, all contributors have the right to not get paid by TechSnips making a true, community platform helping technology professionals without letting money/tax issues get in the way.

All contributors now are able to get their videos professionally edited, hosted on, promoted for free and get the ability to take their final snip and share it with their community!

I hope this shift to make our snip format and platform completely free and accessible to everyone continues to encourage greater community involvement and to give everyone a chance to help others in their own technical community!