Introducing the TechSnips Paid Blog Post Program

TechSnips started as a video-only platform and continues to grow every week. However, we realize that not everyone prefers to learn new material via screencasts. This is why we are introducing the paid blog post program. The paid blog post program is a feature of TechSnips that allows approved contributors to supplement their screencast submissions with a blog post and get paid for it!

What’s in it for approved contributors?

We know that many contributors of TechSnips’ screencasts are also avid bloggers and love to write. As an added benefit to approved contributors, you now have the ability to attach a blog post with each snip submission. Once submitted, this post will become part of our internal workflow and be put into a review status. Once reviewed and approved, it will then be published and an additional $30 will be added to your monthly check.

Blog posts will be promoted by TechSnips and other contributors and other than the pay, this is also a great way to gain additional exposure in the community, look great on a resume and show people you know your stuff!

Are you an IT pro ready to take your career to the next level? If so, join our contributor program! You don't have to be an expert presenter, a Microsoft MVP or even have a blog. We want your knowledge! You will be coached on presentation skills, become a member of our awesome community and get paid some nice side hustle income every, single month! Sign up today!.

What’s in it for our audience?

Each blog post will provide viewers of our screencasts another way to learn the material they’ve watched or, if a video isn’t your thing at all, to be the sole way you consume TechSnips’ content. However, know that blog posts are not required for any new snips. They will only be provided at each contributor’s own discretion.

These blog posts will periodically be published on this blog. When they do so, our techsnips_io Twitter account will send out a tweet for you to monitor for new posts.

If you have questions about this new program, please contact us or reply to this post.

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