Introducing our VP of Content

Building a startup is a ton of work. When I first started, I thought I could do everything myself. Boy, was I wrong! Building a business from the ground up is like changing a light bulb. There is so much to do that I never even considered.
In this business, content is king. At TechSnips, we have to publish as many videos as possible as often as possible. Content is the most important part of our business. This is why I’ve decided to bring on someone to help.

I’d like to introduce you Bryce Mcdonald. Bryce is a TechSnips contributor that showed a ton of passion, dedication, and commitment to the platform. It was clear he really cared about our mission. Because of this commitment and his experience of being an employee at a couple different startups, I’ve decided to bring him on to help me with content.
Bryce will be primarily responsible for recruiting, assisting (coercing) new and existing contributors to author more snips. He’ll be the primary person responsible for ensuring contributor happiness. However, since we are tiny at this point, he’ll also have to wear a few more hats. No one gets out of cleaning the toilets!
If you’re in IT, you might see Bryce on Twitter or get an email from him asking you to share your knowledge.

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